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20566Re: [Hammock Camping] Ultralightweight Backpacking and Hammocking

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  • Coracle Nigel
    Jun 17 8:34 AM
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      I have recently put together a kit list for both light weight ground camping with a tarp and hammock camping. On balance the hammock setup is heavier by a pound or two because of the need for an underblanket and possibly a wind sock. The actual weight of the hammock and suspension even if light is heavier than say a bivvi bag or bug net used on the ground. My experience is of UK conditions where an underblanket and/or a wind sock a necessary for most of the year to be sure of a comfortable night.
      However if you are travelling in wooded terrain then a hammock will provide a far more comfortable night than you will get on the ground.
      Just checked my recent kit lists and the hammock set adds about 2-3 pound. With some tinkering to the suspension and not taking a windsock you could probably shave some weight off this.
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      On 17 Jun 2010, at 15:33, B D <bd29162dc@...> wrote:

      > This is probably a stupid question; however, for some time, I've been thinking about ultralight backpacking and hammocking both of which I enjoy.
      > With weight reduction in mind, I was wondering how others have configured their equipment to accommodate both interests.

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