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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    May 23, 2010
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      Hi, Ralph-

      Thanks for the update. This is one of those times that I'd have preferred to be wrong.


      Trip Report!!!

      My scouts went camping last night.
      6 scouts, 5 dads, 3 leaders, 12 hammocks 1 tent

      I was in my HH the rest of the hammocks were risk test hammocks with sheet
      bend and diagonal blue tarps.

      It rained most of the night!!
      Everybody slept warm and dry!!

      Most of the hammocks were made with poly strapping (one with mule tape) All
      performed flawlessly!

      4 hammocks were made with nylon strapping, the two kids that slept in them
      did fine,
      the two dads that tried to sleep in them had to retie in the middle of the
      night because they (slowly ) hit the ground.

      As the group here predicted I had invented bungee hammocking.
      One inch nylon has to much stretch to be used for an adult hammock.


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