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20483Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: How do you wash a down sleeping bag?

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  • EHamilton
    May 4, 2010
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      And Cara Lin's suggestion to use vinegar in the final rinse should nail the odor. Not sure if you're talking about "wet dog" smell or pee smell but vinegar is the antidote to pee smell, actually just about any smell. CL and Jerry both gave really good instructions that I'll be saving!


      From: "LoveRise@..." LoveRise@...
      Great tips Cara...thank you for sharing!

      I took the comforter and put it into my washing machine (Japanese made,
      top-loading, no central agitator), removed the mesh bag, and turned on
      the spin cycle. I ran the bag through about 40 minutes of spin. Then,
      I hung the bag in the sun for two days, fluffing whenever I thought
      about it.

      It's during the drying that I've learned to appreciate the black side of
      the JRB quilts. When I washed my no-sniveler, it dried in <4 hours of
      direct sunlight! I am contemplating dying the comforter black!

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