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2048RE: Hammock Camping Third Southeast Hammock Hangers Trip--Sep 20 2003!

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  • Ed Speer
    Jul 8, 2003
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      Here's a useful link to purchase the Pisgah National Forest's Wilson Creek Trail Map.  This map covers all the trails in the area and I will have mine on the hike.  The map is not required to attend the hike; some folks just like to have their own....Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Third Southeast Hammock Hangers Trip--Sep 20 2003!

      OK, here's the next trip--everyone welcome!  Join me, Ed Speer,
      author of the Hammock Camping book and monitor of this List for a fun
      late-summer weekend. We had a lot of fun on the first two trips and
      this is another chance for hammockers to show their stuff, share
      ideas, learn from others, and be a part of the 'new way'.  Meet old
      friends and make new ones!  Check out the newest stay-warm gear! 
      Future hammockers also welcome.  Everyone will be responsible for
      their own gear, food, and behavior; however, we will meet at the
      trailhead and hike in together.

      Moderate 5 mile hike, overnite camp, Near Mortimer in the Pisgah
      National Forest--about 20 miles NW of Lenoir, and 15 miles north of
      Morganton, NC.  This area, The Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River
      area, is NC's secret wilderness treasure with numerous unspoiled
      mountain streams and wild waterfalls.  We will hike in 4 miles along
      the beautiful cascading North Harper Creek, a tributary of Wilson
      Creek. We will camp Saturday nite and hike out 1 mile on Sun. We will
      shuttle a vehicle/s to each end.  There will be plenty of time for
      visiting waterfalls and swimming in the creek.  The hike requires at
      least 7 stream crossings--this means fording rocky streams in ankle-
      to knee-deep swift water!  The water should still be comfortably warm
      with Autum just around the corner.  Fabric tennis shoes or sandles
      with secure straps are recommended for the crossings--wearing the
      same shoes for the hike in eliminates the need to change at each
      crossing--extra dry shoes for camp are recommended.  Expect one
      stream crossing on the way out Sunday. Two hiking poles/staffs make
      the crossings safer.  Camp will be a large open grove of holly trees
      on a flat bench along the creek--plenty of room for up to 30
      hammocks, plus unlimited space for tents or tarps.  We will begin the
      hike at 11am on Sat (plan for snack lunch at Harper Creek Falls, 1.3
      miles in).  The 4 mile trail in is moderate, while the 1 mile trail
      out is strenuous.

      Access is from Lenoir or Morganton, NC; both accessible via I40
      and/or US 321.  On I40, Morganton is about 55 miles east of Asheville
      and 95 miles west of Winston-Salem.  Detailed directions to the
      traihead will be posted soon.  There are plenty of additional
      spectacular trails in this area for folks looking for more adventure
      before or after the weekend--hiking, kayaking, fishing, waterfalls,

      Check out these links for info on the area:
      This is an informative Adobe Acrobat article on Wilson Creek 

      Short info on Wilson Creek hiking

      Waterfall pics!  Harper Creek Falls is the one we will see!

      Signing up is not necessary, but letting me know will be appreciated--
      just respond to this or any later posts on the list or use my email
      at:  ed@...
      Hope to see everone Sep 20th!  ....Ed

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