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20469How do you wash a down sleeping bag?

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  • LoveRise@aol.com
    May 3, 2010
      Greetings Everyone!

      This weekend at the once a month gear sale at REI, I scored a Mountain
      Hardware Lyell -15 down bag with 2lbs of 600 goose down for $39.00. This is a
      $350 sleeping bag so I just had to grab it to use in my Hammock or to try
      to make an underquilt with it. YET the reason it was sooo cheap is even
      though the bag is in almost new condition it smells like dog in some places.
      Which makes me wonder if the dog smell is just on the nylon bag or has
      permeated into the down and how to deal with it.

      So I really need assistance in how to best get that scent out without
      ruining the down in the bag. The directions say not to dry clean and to not use
      liquid detergent.

      So it suggests washing it in a front loading machine and tumble drying on
      gentle in a front loader. I have heard to help keep the loft to add a tennis
      ball or a sneaker to the dryer. Would those things help or hinder the

      Right now I have it airing out in full sun which I noticed reduced some of
      the scent yesterday when I put it in the sun yet then it seemed like the
      scent was back this morning.

      So any suggestions on treating this great bag with the care it needs so I
      can use it would be greatly appreciated!!

      Until then...Celebrate Life!

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      Soloist and Trangia Cookset Part 3_

      "Make the journey worthy of the destination"

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