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20389RE: [Hammock Camping] Back with questions

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  • ratsmouth@aol.com
    Apr 20 3:36 PM
      I have one of the largest Hennessy hammocks. The first time I set it
      up, I used two trees that were close enough together so that the ends
      of the hammock just about touched the trees and the hammock ridgeline
      was at about eye level. (I'm 5'8".) When I got into it, it cleared the
      ground by about 8", and I had a great couple of nights in it. I love
      the thing for summer camping in the Catskills and Adirondacks.

      My problem seems to be getting it hung HIGH enough so I don't drag my
      butt on the ground! If the trees are farther apart than the length of
      the hammock, I can't get enough "altitude". Is there a secret formula?
      How high do I need to tie it off to keep from sleeping on the ground?
      LOL! I really want to use my hammock all summer this year and could
      use some help.


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