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20385Re: [Hammock Camping] Need help!

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  • EHamilton
    Apr 20, 2010
      Mbiraman -- Thank you for the encouragement and links. I realize it takes learning... I need more practice before I, um, hang it up. I'm about ready to do that today, last night was rough; but so many people love hammocks so much I have to assume the problem is that I'm not doing it right. Well, right for me.... what works is different for everyone, I'm sure.

      Doug -- you mentioned warm sleep clothing -- that was going to be my next step. I'm OK on top w/ 2 thin acrylic sweaters. Feet are good in wool or acrylic socks. But all I've had on my legs is my running tights, which were my warm layer on the AT but aren't making it alone in the hammock.

      TV -- Until last night I kept noticing that despite being cold I was very comfortable. A back issue was better after sleeping in the hammock. Until last night. Fighting with the Big Agnes pad, trying all night to scoot it around, avoiding getting strangled by the ridgeline, struggling to exit past pad + sleeping bag + bag liner + the backpack I'd stored at my feet ... today my back is sore. Another sign I'm making mistakes. I'm sleeping in bed tonight :-/

      Rich -- I'll definitely try my 8 X 10 tarp instead of the original fly and/or the custom one. It's a little on the heavy side, urethane-coated nylon, but worth a try. I'm a little confused how you rig your gear line.... under the hammock? Beside the hammock? The only way I can access an external line is through the bottom flap.

      Thanks for helping, everyone! I sure hope I get this figured out. Even though we flooded Dave's inbox....


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