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20380Re: [Hammock Camping] Back with questions

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  • Thomas Vickers
    Apr 20, 2010
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      Now I have recently tested the Hennessy Deep Jungle hammock over at
      It is a double bottomed - side entry Hennessy that comes with an
      pad/insert to keep warm in winter.
      Worked passably well and might be worth a look.
      I know I keep warmer in my underquilt, but for kinda cold versus freeze
      my ass off cold the pad worked fine.
      Of course you could probably insert your own pad in the double bottom.

      I will also be using this hammock this spring with my Jacks R Better 10
      x 11 tarp. I like the big size and it gives plenty of room for stuff
      under the tarp as opposed to the stock hennessy fly

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