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20375Re: [Hammock Camping] Back with questions

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  • EHamilton
    Apr 20, 2010
      Thank you, Rich! Good tips. I have an 8 X 10 tarp but haven't tried it (I've only slept in the hammock 3 times.) There is also a tarp which the original owner custom-made, a hexagonal one, which he says works better for wind and rain than the original. I haven't tried it either as I have to get some ties for it.

      It seems like with all these extra underquilts etc. we're packing a lot of weight here? One reason I wanted to go to a hammock was to go lighter. The open-cell foam pad that came with the set-up, though, doesn't insulate very well. I have an extra sleeping bag I could put under there, but... lugging TWO sleeping bags? Again, seems to defeat the purpose.

      The line you string for your gear.... do you also use that as a ridgeline for your tarp? I've been rigging the tarp with its own separate ridgeline.

      MacGyver (whose name implies she should be able to invent something here....)

      From: Richard Perlman <richard@...>

      EHamilton wrote:
      > 1.) Where do you put all your gear -- pack, boots, etc. -- when setting up on the trail? I'm short enough that I could bring the pack into the hammock with me, actually, which might help keep me in place, too. Did I just answer my own question?
      I string a line under my tarp and hang everything there on mini-bieners.
      > 2.) It seems colder than the tent. First night, temp was down close to 30*F and I was cold even w/ the underpad and undercover. Next night, upper 30's, and I used my ThermaRest ProLite 3 inside the hammock and was a lot warmer. It slid around, though. I'm going to try my Big Agnes and see if it stays put better. It didn't really seem as though the undercover and underpad helped all that much. I need my sleeping pad.
      I gave up on pads in my hammocks in favor of a Jacks R Better Shenandoah
      underquilt for my Hennessey (warm temperature with bugs set up) and a
      PeaPod for my Speer III (cold weather without bugs set up.) When it's
      really cold, I line the PeaPod with the Shenandoah underneath and add a
      Speer TopBlanket over me. I've been comfy into the teens like this.
      > 3.) Not much headroom when sitting up.... maybe learn to do everything (bath, etc.) while standing in it w/ feet on the ground, and everything else lying down?
      > 4.) Back to being cold.... seemed like more "fresh air" than I was comfortable with on those chilly nights. I know you guys sleep out in these when it's freezing freezing cold. I closed my mummy bag hood and hunkered down inside with just an air hole like a seal. Maybe pitch the tarp lower? (I had it on a separate ridgeline about 6" above the hammock ridgeline.)
      A larger tarp to block the wind will help A LOT. I much prefer an 8 x
      10 tarp in the summer and and 10 x 11 tarp in the winter.


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