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20369Re: [Hammock Camping] Need help!

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  • Douglas Campbell
    Apr 20, 2010
      Not sure if I can help. I made my own hammock. I don't see a lot of
      traffic on this list anymore. I think they all moved over to a hammock
      camping forum of some kind. Yes, sleeping in the cold is the big challenge
      for hammocks. 30 degrees is pretty cold in a hammock. A lot of folks pay a
      lot of attention to what they wear to sleep in. Some type of insulated
      clothing is common. Fleece is mentioned a lot. A lot of people use a
      larger tarp than the one the regular Hennessey comes with. Like you said,
      you can get the sides down lower and block some of the breezes (wind chill
      becomes your constant companion in a hammock if you don't plan for it). I
      have to use pads too. I made a two layer hammock so I could put them
      between the layers where they stay put. Keep your feet warm, that makes a
      big difference. Put extra clothing or something between your hips, knees,
      shoulders and the hammock to help cure those cold spots.

      Yeah, hammocks are much better in warmer weather, but if you have a really
      good bag (a lower temp than you would normally need), good pads, warm
      clothing to sleep in, you can be pretty comfy in the colder temps. Beats
      sleeping on the cold ground.

      Good Luck.

      Doug C.

      On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM, EHamilton <imagainst_the_wind@...>wrote:

      > I sent my first post with questions, forgetting I'm being moderated and the
      > post wouldn't get to the list. I still have questions! I just spent a pretty
      > miserable night. There have to be solutions to the issues I'm having.
      > MacGyver
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