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  • EHamilton
    Apr 19, 2010
      Hi, Hammock Campers!  I conversed with this group quite a bit awhile back, couple years ago I guess, prior to setting out on a thru-hike of the AT. I ended up in a tent after all and also ended up stopping at Harper's Ferry -- a lot of things changed. As soon as I left the Trail I got on my bike and into my wetsuit and running shoes and started training for a half-iron distance triathlon, which I was very happy to complete on just 2 months of training. Now my husband and I have moved in w/ my elderly mother to look out for her so I won't be finishing the Trail, except in short sections, for quite a while, but my heart is still out there.

      I recently came into a really good deal on a Hennessy Hammock system including undercover and underpad. It's all rigged up in the woods behind our house. I have questions.

      1.) Where do you put all your gear -- pack, boots, etc. -- when setting  up on the trail? I'm short enough that I could bring the pack into the hammock with me, actually, which might help keep me in place, too. Did I just answer my own question?

      2.) It seems colder than the tent. First night, temp was down close to 30*F and I was cold even w/ the underpad and undercover. Next night, upper 30's, and I used my ThermaRest ProLite 3 inside the hammock and was a lot warmer. It slid around, though. I'm going to try my Big Agnes and see if it stays put better. It didn't really seem as though the undercover and underpad helped all that much. I need my sleeping pad.

      3.) Not much headroom when sitting up.... maybe learn to do everything (bath, etc.) while standing in it w/ feet on the ground, and everything else lying down?

      4.) Back to being cold.... seemed like more "fresh air" than I was comfortable with on those chilly nights. I know you guys sleep out in these when it's freezing freezing cold. I closed my mummy bag hood and hunkered down inside with just an air hole like a seal. Maybe pitch the tarp lower? (I had it on a separate ridgeline about 6" above the hammock ridgeline.)

      I am positive I'm going to like this setup once I get the "hang" of it. In the meantime, I need help!


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