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20314Re: [Hammock Camping] Anybody made their own?

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Jan 12, 2010
      On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 3:54 PM, michalbuchanan <michalbuchanan@...>wrote:

      > Looking to sew up a hammock either this weekend or next. After browsing
      > through a few online how-to's, I think I am going to look out for rip-stop
      > nylon when I go fabric shopping. Wondering if anybody has any experience
      > making hammocks out of a variety of fabrics.

      My scouts have made dozens.

      Ripstop will work fine but is probably more than needed.

      Question: Why sew when you can just tie?


      PS her's my instructions fro an October posting:

      Ralph's on the cheap, no sew version of the Risk Test Hammock:
      (as inspired by this discussion list.)

      Get 4 yards of non stretch material (doesn't have to be ripstop)
      Two 15'x 1 inch straps (strapping from an war surplus store or motor cycle
      tie-downs or small tow straps)

      Gather the ends of the material
      leave about a 1 inch "ears " up at each corner (to make a "pocket"
      Make a loop of the hammock material
      Tie a double sheetbend with the strapping

      No sewing, no fussing, I get the material for $1.50 a yard at Wal-mart)
      Total cost under $10.00

      My scouts love 'em we have made and use about 20 of them.

      Add a ridge line if you like.
      If it looks like rain we drape an 8X10 blue tarp diagonally over the hammock
      and stake down the corners

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