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20293Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Cold weather, warm dog

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  • Carey Parks
    Nov 23 1:53 PM
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      The dog wouldn't fall out the slit once you are in it. If only the dog were
      in it, then he could. You don't roll around in a proper hammock. Once you
      are situated that is. Arrange things and off to dreamland until morning. The
      dog would end up sleeping on you, not next to you. Next to you becomes
      nearly vertical walls. Keep the nails clipped and not sharp.

      On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 4:30 PM, PERRY <churchillperry@...> wrote:

      > Great subject. I haven't tried hammock camping yet because I couldn't
      > decide on which hammock to purchase as my 9# Yorkie some times goes with me.
      > He sleeps with me in the tent some times in my bag other times beside me on
      > my down jacket. I like the Hennessy but worry he would fall out of the
      > opening in the bottom and the possibility of rolling over on him. Also
      > considered the Lawson,because it seems more flat, but it is not as highly
      > recommended as the Hennessy.
      > Good to know I'm not alone out there hammock camping with my dog.
      > Perry
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      > "Corbett House" <cahouse@...> wrote:
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      > > Looks like Bonaparte is also acting as a portable heater. Does the front
      > of
      > > his hammock zip closed?
      > >
      > > _____
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      > > Lance,
      > > I have created a photo album called "Dog Hammock" with a couple of
      > images.
      > > My first and only prototype for this hammock was a piece of cheap fabric
      > > about 4' x 5'. I gathered one end (a la E. Speer) and gathered each
      > corner
      > > at the other end. Both ends attached to the ends of my hammock ropes
      > where
      > > they met my structural ridge line. At the end with two lines (from the
      > > corners) I added a side tie-out to one corner to keep the hammock open.
      > The
      > > result was a triangular dog hammock hanging under mine. Then I coaxed
      > > Bonaparte into it, but I hung it low enough that his weight pressed the
      > > center of the hammock all the way to the ground (with his ensolite pad
      > > underneath it.) In this way he got used to the fabric pulling up around
      > him,
      > > but didn't experience the unsteadiness of a swinging hammock. Over the
      > > course of that trip (a week in Dolly Sods Wilderness) I tightened the
      > ropes
      > > a bit each day, so he began to get the feel of the hammock. When he would
      > > step into an elevated, unsteady hammock and lie down on command, we
      > stopped
      > > the training until I could make a better hammock. When the pictured
      > hammock
      > > was finished, we started over in the back yard. He still doesn't like the
      > > motion but he prefers to sleep under my hammock, and he knows where his
      > next
      > > meal is coming from.
      > > David
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