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20278Re: Hennessy Expedition Asym

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  • ptoddf
    Nov 9, 2009
      Understand that Hennessey has a fine tuned, patented system. If you lie in one and like it, you can only get the results from the mfg. He has the end folding method and the fixed ridge line patented.

      I ripped out the mosquito net on my Hennessey backpacker asym because I like the lay, and I wanted to use my PeaPod, an overbag made by Speer. I just took the net in hand and it ripped out right along the seam. Had to cut through over sewn reinforcements. Now I use it as an over the side entry hammock and close the PeaPod over the hammock bed, underneath the ridge line. My overstuffed PeaPod works in all temps, down to zero degrees F. It's different, but I couldn't stand the usual pads, bags, underquilts or other paraphernalia.

      To me this was worthwhile. I don't need the netting, and Hennessey has a unique feel and lay that works for me. using the hammock as a chair now works exceptionally well too. Overall, much more comfortable than other hammocks for me. I would get the longer length for greater comfort.

      Best, Todd F.
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