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20270Hennessy Expedition Asym

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  • Colby
    Nov 7, 2009
      Hey everyone,

      I'm a back country hiker in the Smoky Mountains. I'm considering purchasing a Hennessey Expedition Asym instead of getting a new tent and have a few questions if anyone could help, I'd appreciate it:

      1. The description says that it is geared for people below 6 foot. I'm 6'2" which is real close and there is additional cost and weight to the taller one. Anyone know if it is that tight of a fit or do you think I could get by?

      2. I keep reading about having pads and additional gear for cold weather. It is rarely (if ever) below 40 anytime I'm out. I have a thermarest, would I need it, would the thermarest suffice?

      3. Any general thoughts on the Expedition Asym as in quality, anything that you would suggest me to consider.

      Thanks ahead of time,
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