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20254Question about double layer hammocks

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  • Blake Robert
    Oct 20, 2009
      I have been using an HH assymetric hammock without a net very happily in summer but in cool weather the shifting of the foam pads is an irritant.

      Even without having to use the bottom hatch and then get on top of the pads and sleeping bag the pads still shift.

      I am considering ordering a Claytor Nonet hammock for winter use because it is a double layer style and that would seem to pin the pad(s) in place???????

      Has anyone got imput about how well this works on the Nonet or other double layer hammocks such as the DD?

      Any input from users of the Nonet would be appreciated.

      The Claytor website says the Nonet is 1 lb. or .5 kg------but, these are not quite equivalent.
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