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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Oct 16, 2009
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      Hi, Chris-

      I doubt there is a MAHHA website. Another hammock camper, inspired by Ed's SE hammocker gathering, threw out invitations and the loose association was born. They have met several times, maybe each spring and fall for two to four years. It is a bit of a trip for me, so I've not made many. The confusion as to where, is that Crampton Gap is within Maryland's Gathland State Park. So, if you are finding the meeting place from the AT, look for Crampton Gap. If you are driving, look up Gathland State Park. Either head for the shelter and water source from the Trail, or park at the big lot and head up the blue-blazed trail towards the AT to find the group. If you make plans ahead, someone might meet you in the lot to help you find your way, or at least let you know if anyone plans to put out extra flagging tape to help mark it.

      Don't know if all the plans will be the same, but in the past, the organizer has invited some gear manufacturers to come or donate items for a raffle, some DIY demos have been presented, and Saturday night thre was a group cookout. Everyone chipped in to help pay for the food and defray costs of the shelter rental, when someone reserved it. No promises as to whether or not anyone has done the legwork for this event. I've done it for other gatherings, and know it can be very time consuming. I have also seen a sort of a "yard sale" at which people sold off used gear. Again, I don't know if plans include this.



      Posted by: "Chris Lutz" chrislutz25@... chrislutz25
      Date: Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:54 am ((PDT))

      I'd like to know more about this trip. Is there another website or something for MAHHA. I did a quick search and the forums said it was Crampton park not Gathland. Maybe last year though not current. Can someone help me out? Would love to attend. Thanks.

      Chris Lutz
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