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20232Re: assist in hanging higher on the tree

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  • David
    Oct 15 11:14 AM
      Thanks, Lori. That's encouraging. I was thinking that something like that might work. I often hang from Beech trees, and with their smooth bark, the tree huggers can slide down if they're not under tension or wrapped around a few times and tied in place with separate lines. I was wondering about using two trekking poles, one to pass one end of the strap around the tree and the other to retrieve it through the loop on the other end of the strap so it could be cinched tight before it slips down. I'd need to hold the strap with the first pole until it could be "grabbed" by the second one. I'm not sure of the mechanisms for "holding" and "releasing" and "grabbing" but my first attempt will probably involve a patch of loop velcro sewn to one end of the strap and a patch of sticky hook velcro applied to each pole. Wish me luck; the first attempts are bound to be comical. I also looked at commercial reacher/grabber/pickup tools, but I'd rather use a pole I'm already carrying for stream crossings. Incidentally, the other day I discovered that hiking sticks can replace the tie-outs for left-shoulder and right knee locations on the hammock. Jam the point of the stick in the ground under the hammock and angle it upward at 45 degrees so you can attach the handle strap to the tie-out point. The pole pivots a bit at the ground, but the tension keeps it pushing out and up on the hammock edge. The resultant sleeping surface is as flat as a bridge hammock. (The two poles pushing in opposite directions at the head and foot of the hammock function a lot like the struts in Bucky Fuller's tensegrity prisms.) Thanks again for your input. You have given me the courage to forge ahead on yet another wild scheme...

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      > The further apart the trees are, the higher you have to get the suspension on the trees. I use the point of a trekking pole to lift and raise the straps on the trunk of the tree. An extensible trekking pole is useful as a porch strut for the tarp as well. The straps are generally loose enough on the trunk when there is no weight in the hammock. I have also used trees with a lot of small branches - put the tip of the pole in the biner or loop and shove it through high branches.
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