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20220assist in hanging higher on the tree

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  • David
    Oct 14, 2009
      I have recently revisited Dave Womble's excellent files on the forces on hammock suspensions and ridgelines here:


      I like to hang my dog's hammock under mine, so I tighten the support ropes to raise my hammock and make room for his. This greatly increases the forces on the support ropes and structural ridgeline. (Both hammocks hang from the same points at the ends of the ridgeline.) Add in the extra 70 lb. that the dog weighs for more force. Then consider the occasional need to use trees that are farther apart. My 7/64" amsteel support ropes are cut to handle tree-to-tree separations of up to 25 ft., but I've only been able to use that use that a couple of times, and the tension is scary. (I usually try to do this across a hollow, so I have the benefit of extra height, hence more sag. My question is this: has anyone devised a method of attaching tree huggers higher, possibly using hiking poles or forked sticks? I'd like to be able to easily place my tree huggers about two or three feet higher than I can reach (and retrieve them easily the next morning). I use a hammock because about 25 years ago I lost my ability to sleep soundly on roots and rocks. Somewhere along the way my enthusiasm for shinnying up trees with a strap in my mouth went away, too.
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