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2021Hammock Camping at 92 to 66 degrees

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    Jul 5, 2003
      Short report on the 3-4th trip focused on the padand the temperature.

      My Frau Diane (Newly trail named EllieD) and I did a gentle 6 miles
      in the heat and humidity on Thursday. Set up camp in an approved
      campsite at Zalinsli State Forest, Ohio. Temp 92 degrees. Humidity
      about 90 percent...

      I agree strongly with Shane about one thing, temperature and wind are
      both important, as is humidity.

      By sun down it was down to 86 degrees and we went to the trees. No
      pad. No wind (<5mph) I was able to get to sleep fairly cool and did
      well. About 2 or 3 AM as the temps dropped below 70, My back felt a
      little cool to touch, but I was not cold. EllieD said she had the
      same experience. If it had dropped a few more degrees or if the wind
      had picked up, I would have taken the few seconds it would have taken
      to slide the pad out of my pack and between the two layers of my

      Next day did a fun 10 miles along a forested canyon with many
      waterfalls. That felt good!

      Pics soon, I promise.

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