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20180Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: heavy hammocker

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  • Tom Frazier
    Sep 24, 2009
      The ENO Hammocks are rated to 400 pounds, I believe. Might be an option, but you'd have to buy the netting separate with that particular system.


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      > Hello all,
      > I tip the scales at 295lbs...what material choices do I have? I have ed
      > speers book (read cover to cover!), and would like to DIY a speer style, but
      > I am confused with material type and choices, from what I read I am just on
      > the border of supplex and/or cordura, 1.9 ripstop is out, but I heard I can
      > double it? I doubt that this would be a lightweight option compared to a
      > tarp/groundsheet, but just want to have options...
      > Any suggestions???
      > Tom
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      My first three hammocks were made with supplex, and it's a very comfortable fabric. Though I'm not heavy, I've had two people and a large dog in a supplex hammock (napping only - I wouldn't spend a night this way) which probably amounted to 325 lbs. I would suggest a two-layer hammock using supplex and 1.9 ripstop. It would be stronger than supplex alone, lighter than cordura, and you'd have the option of trying an insulating pad between the layers, like the Z-hammock.

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