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20160Re: Any Experience to compare Clark NA & NX hammocks to Hennesy Asym

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  • sleibacher
    Sep 22, 2009
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      John, I have been using a Hennessy for about 3 years and
      have only had a Clark for about 10 months (have only slept in
      it about 7 nights thus far). I am still on the learning curve with the Clark but I find I sleep "flatter" in the Hennessey. I can actually sleep on my side and even on my stomach for several hours
      at a time, in the Hennessey.

      I enjoy many aspects of both hammocks. Just some random thoughts...I find that in the Clark, I pretty much sleep on my back the whole evening. My shoulders and head feel a little more cramped in the Clark but not to a point of discomfort. The Hennessey just feels a little roomier to me. Like you, I like the pockets underneath the Clark and I also like the "storm flaps" that can zip up over the bug netting. I think, like most people, I prefer the top entrance/exit in the Clark to the bottom port of the Hennessey. I use the ridge line in the Hennessey extensively and miss it in the Clark (although it would be simple to set one up). I do prefer the way the rain fly attaches to the ridge line on a Hennessey rather than requiring a second connection to each tree like the Clark but have not experimented with alternatives on the Clark yet. The snake skins are a great feature on the Hennessey, especially if you are moving camp often (hiking, canoeing or biking) and really makes the next night's setup very quick and easy. I find I have less effort keeping some type of under-insulation in place (pad or mattress) in the Clark then in the Hennessey. For Christmas 2 years ago, my family game me one of the 5' Exped down filled air mattresses. This works really well in the Clark in that it hardly moves at all but the only down side (no pun intended) is that you lay much higher in the Clark and subsequently, my face is very close to the top of the hammock. Okay for me... might be tough on someone a bit claustrophobic.

      So for what it it worth, these are some of my preferences with each hammock type. Currently, I find I am favoring the Hennessey in warm whether and the Clark when it gets down below 50 degrees. I just find that with the gear I already have, it is earier for me to keep warm in the Clark. So far, I have been into the low 30s quite comfortably. The hardest new trick for this old dog to learn after 40 years of camping was to abandon sleeping inside a sleeping bag in the hammock and using alternative configurations (quilts, etc).

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, John Coy <traveling2u@...> wrote:
      > Pardon me, anyone, but I just wanted to ask if anybody has experience with both
      > the Hennessy asymetrical cut hammock design, and the Clark Jungle
      > Hammock systems (I'm looking at the North American, and NX models).  I've not been in either, but I do sleep in a Hammock Bliss hammock with sewn in bug netting, and I've experimented with different kinds of insulation.
      > My question, for anyone with personal experience, is just
      > how much flatter sleep position is attainable with the asymetrical
      > Hennesy design over the Clark hammocks?  It seems to me that the Clark
      > hammocks are also a little different than a standard rectangular cut,
      > but whether they are or not, I'd like to gather all the experience
      > there is out there as to whether, and how much of a difference it
      > makes.  I like the Clarks pocket system and new insulation, and I would like to get as flat a sleep position as possible.  Sleeping diagonally now, I find that probably the lack of support under the knee of an extended leg is the biggest discomfort, other than the challenge regarding finding good lightweight under-insulation system..  I really like the Clark, and I'm leaning that way, but if the Hennesy sleep position is really a dramatic improvement, I might go Hennesy, and keep working on the under insulation system.
      > Thanks in advance for taking time to pass on your
      > experience.
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