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2016RE: Hammock Camping Summer and the hammock

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  • David Anderson
    Jul 3 3:27 PM
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      At 04:50 PM 7/3/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      > > Thanks for reminding me why I love the northwest in
      > > the summer! Most days we never hit 80, even at sea
      > > level. And if I go climb up a few thousand feet I
      > > get to sleep in nice comfortable 40 degree nights.
      >Absolutely. Down here in the muck and the mire, there are certain
      >drawbacks. I wish I could say that it was worth it...
      >There are, of course, more than enough trees to hang hammocks from. There
      >is no tree line until you hit the water, and hiking in February doesn't
      >involve ice storms...

      Yeah, winter weather can be entertaining, that's why I stick with the coast
      in the winter. Summers with a late snowpack are more annoying though. In
      late July most of the trails that went above 5000' at any point still had
      snow. And summer slushy snow is a lot less fun than winter snow and ice.

      As for the trees, I've never had trouble finding trees sinc4e I rarely camp
      above treeline. It's more of a problem with needing 30' tree straps if I'm
      in an old growth area.

      At some point I would like try hanging a hammock over the water from a
      canoe just to claim that I'd done it. The danger is that I'm not always to
      lucid when I wake up in the morning (okay, make that "never") and would
      probably end up as gator bait.

      David Anderson
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