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20133Re: Is this forum dead?

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  • flomotflashjr
    Sep 20, 2009
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      How long are the straps on your hammock? The method to tie off with attatched straps depends greatly on how much extra strap you have after wraping the trees. If I have enough strap left I like to use a ratcheting knot. Pull a bight through a loop in the strap a couple of feet from the trunk. Pass the tag end twice around the tree and pull through the bite. Pull the tag end until the desired sag is reached in your hammock and then tie off with a half hitch on a bight. When your ready to break camp just pull the tag end and the whole thing comes untied easily. NOTE... when pulling the bight through the loop always from the bight on the tag end side of the loop.
      I hang my kids travle hammocks by passing the appropriate loop on the ENO strap through the loop on the hammock and then putting one of my titanium tent nails through the ENO strap loop. Super easy, fast and won't let you down in the middle of the night. A thumb sized green stick will do the trick too.

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      > I have become a hammock hiker after reading about it from those who have been doing it for years and I must say that it is much better than trail shelters or tents. I recently purchased one for my son and he likes it better too. I have perfected hanging my sons hammock using ENO's tree straps with preconstructed loops and carabiners. I am still working on a perfect (and fast) set up for mine. My son's hammock ends with a loop on each end, mine ends with two straps on each end. Anyone that has my kind of hammock and has perfected a way to hang it ... please pass on the wisdom. Thanks, John
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      > Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] Is this forum dead?
      > The chatter dropped off almost completely in 2007 with the creation of
      > the first online forum. I suppose people like that method because it is
      > easier to follow threads and can include pictures. I've always
      > preferred this format, because I get the emails and don't have to go
      > online to answer. The email version also makes it easy for me to
      > archive the occasional gem.
      > CL
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