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20101Re: interesting hang

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  • Chris
    Jul 9, 2009
      I am also considering getting a longer 5/8 bolt and using a 2x4 to go from the top bolt hole of the receiver tube over to the tailgate for support on the vertical. If you look at this picture. there is a bolt holding the rusty piece to the black piece in the middle. I can get a 7" 5/8 bolt and put a 2x4 on either side of it there to help with stability and put it right against the tailgate with some notches in the board. I may even use a 2x6 and cut a slip notch out of the 2x6 so that it can slide in and out with some tension and still not fall off the tailgate.


      Again, most of these are temporary fixes until I can just engineer something that is self sufficient. I only have a byer hammock now but Kent has a ENO doublenest so I need to tie his up too and see how it fits the distance. I may end up going closer so I can put eye bolts in the top cross piece and just clip the hammocks straight to the racks.

      Thanks again,
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