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20098Re: [Hammock Camping] interesting hang

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  • Kathy Preble
    Jul 6 4:26 PM
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      Great! Now if you could explain to me how to hang off those "big ole' trees" in SMNP...I just came back from there and all my tree straps wanted to do was slide down the wet trunks!

      --- On Sat, 7/4/09, Chris <luckyhat12@...> wrote:

      From: Chris <luckyhat12@...>
      Subject: [Hammock Camping] interesting hang
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009, 12:25 AM

      Well I thought I had an interesting hang a little earlier tonight but I ended up breaking a weld so I need to go back and re-think the support the next go round. I have a long bed truck that I use to tow my RV but I still like going out without the RV lots of times. I have been at the NC coast for a month and you can drive on the beaches but you cannot put up a tent in most places so I have been thinking about a way to hang my hammock in the back.

      I have a headache rack on the front of the bed of my truck where I place a wind deflector while I am towing my camper. So I went to the toy store (ie. Tool store) and bought a truck bed extended that fits in the receiver hitch and turns up to be the same level as the tailgate. I picked up a standard receiver hitch coupler and an additional 4ft of square steel tubing and went to drilling. I now have the top of the truck bed extender even with my headache rack on the front of the bed only the extender is almost 3ft behind the truck wich puts the two tie points about 10.5 ft apart.

      Proof of concept works!!!! I was hanging in it when I broke the weld. It was just enough to start to sag me onto the bed of the truck so no catastrophic falls but it did fail. I know why it failed and I will work tomorrow to try and resolve that issue after I get the weld fixed. When I get back home to Alabama I will probably just pick up some stronger steel and make a new piece for the truck bed extender but while I am on the road I will figure out how to bolt in a support gusset.

      When I get it figured out I will post up a picture so you guys can smile with me. :) I have already figured out how to hang between the truck and one stationary object... now I will have a way to just hang over the bed of the truck.

      Have a great holiday folks,


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