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2009Re: Hammock Camping Question on a HEAVY USE hammock

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  • Erin
    Jul 3, 2003

      I was fortunate to spend a couple summers in Barranquia, Colombia as
      a child. I visited friends of the family so I travelled without my
      parents. While in Colombia I was introduced to their wonderful
      hammocks. In that region they are brightly colored cotton fabric
      (perhaps 8'x5') with cotton string ends. I was able to bring a
      couple examples back with me. We usually used them to lounge inside
      our cabin in the Allegheny mountains of Western PA. At that time I
      was light enough to hang the hammocks off of 16 penny nails hammered
      into the rafters.

      I always wanted to use the hammock to sleep in but my parents (who
      layed in the hammocks like bananas in their skins) were convinced
      that my back would hurt and simply wouldn't permit it. They just
      didn't get it. I would lay in the hammocks diagonally (or even
      perpendicular to the hanging points), as I had seen them do in South
      America, and knew how wonderfully comfortable they really were.
      Amazingly, we slept in sleeping bags on bunks made out of old doors
      without padding... this was supposed to be more comfortable!?!?

      Anyway, and finally to my point, some 27 years later I still have
      those hammocks and they are still in great shape. This thread has
      convinced me that I need to hang these inside. I probably won't be
      able to convince my wife that we should be sleeping in separate
      hammocks so I won't be joining the hammock slumber devotees. But I
      do want to spend as many of my waking hours in a hammock as
      possible. I plan on using Ed's technique of tying a 2x4 into several
      studs. Ed, do you have your inside hammock attached diagonally
      between two attached walls or to two walls across from each other?
      Would either configuration leave any structural concerns? Call me
      paranoid (or maybe just ignorant... I really don't know much about
      construction) but I'm a little afraid of my 225 lbs pulling the walls
      in. If diagonal, is it important to have the hammock and walls
      create a 45/45/90 deg triangle or would 30/60/90 work as well? And,
      what about using a similar technique to tie into rafters? Any
      concerns with that?

      Thanks, everyone, for your contributions. You have all made this a
      really great list.


      p.s. Ed: This is my first post so let me say "thank you" for your
      efforts and contributions to the list. I particularly respect the
      degree of objectivity and generosity that you manage given that you
      actually have a commercial interest in hammock camping.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Jodi, I feel your pain! Having a hammock fail under you is
      > not conducive for sleep!
      > Your hanging space is limited and thus not suitable for many stands
      > angle outward as much as 15'. Instead of a stand, can you mount
      > directly to the walls? I've hung my hammock in the bedroom using
      > thick eyebolts screwed into 4' long 2X4's that are mounted
      > so they could be screwed into several of the vertical studs inside
      > walls--dosen't look pretty, but it works. My walls are sheetrock
      > thin boards. Attaching the horizontal 2X4's to the wall studs is
      > key--I used lots of 4" long screws. This has held for several
      years now
      > and I too sleep in the hammock nearly every night.
      > Hope you're back up and sleeping soon! ....Ed
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      > From: J Cornelius [mailto:dojers@c...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 7:00 PM
      > To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Hammock Camping Question on a HEAVY USE hammock
      > Ok y'all – I am totally happy sleeping in a hammock. Beats a bed
      by a
      > mile!! I now have my Byer Traveller hammock hanging in my room –
      but –
      > after only a couple of weeks in it, the strands are starting to
      > (had one break last night – hard time going back to sleep after that
      > wondering if the blooming thing was gonna crash on me in the middle
      > the night!!). I will be sleeping in this thing every night. BUT –
      > is the problem – I have to be able to hang it within a 9 ½ foot
      > Any suggestions? Remember, this thing will be used EVERY night.
      > T'anks y'all!
      > Jodi
      > Abnormality is THE normality at this locality
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