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20084Re: Winter pads

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  • Jim Mortlock
    Jun 20, 2009
      There is quite a discussion about this at the bottom of this page on the Hennessy Hammock site. Take a peak at the discussion on radiant heat.


      I am trying a fleece sleeping bag liner over my sleeping pad. I will let you know how it works out.

      My friend has Hennesseys Super Shelter kit for his hammock and is thrilled with it.


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      > > Just a thought. Has anyone used a chase lounge cushion for a winter pad? Most of them are 74"x23"x3". It would be nothing to tie one on a winter sled. I was reading about sleeping bags with foam pads built into the bottom of them. It's a great idea for winter camping. But a bit heavy. I think the winter pad solution is to design a hammock just for winter camping. Problem is winter hammock camping is a limited market. Has anyone heard of any new promising insulating material that is light in weight?
      > >
      > I've been struggling with the whole pad issue and keeping my backside warm on those cold evenings (35-40 degrees). I found an old wool blanket from an emergency kit I bought about 12 years ago. the blanket was still in it's plastic bag and was virtually brand new...I'd never used it. I've since used it twice on some chilly evenings and it works great. I just rolled it up with my tarp and stuck it in a spare sleeping bag stuff sack. Work great. My backside was warm and toasty.
      > Granted, it isn't as light as a down under quilt, but it also only cost me about $12. There is always a trade off and with a tight budget this fit the bill and works great.
      > Just my $0.02.
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