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20083Re: [Hammock Camping] structural ridgeline

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Jun 16, 2009
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      one advantage of a carabiner would be that rainwater running down the strap
      in heavy weather would be deflected. :]

      And there would be more possibilities for switching out various strap

      Or even removing the ridgeline completely for sitting etc.

      OK I'm brainstorming here:

      How about a two inch (5 cm) ring at 12 inches off of each end of the
      hammock. Then hang various combinations as required for the circumstances.
      Each option would hook to the ring with a high strength (climbing) carabiner

      Options might include:

      Hammock body:

      - Shallow
      - Deep
      - Double
      - Triple
      - Super insulated
      - Skeeter proof
      - Cool mesh
      - Hennesy

      Tree straps:

      - Long
      - Short
      - Adjustable
      - Cycle straps
      - Wide
      - Skinny
      - Rope
      - Old (for pine trees)

      Ridge line and fly:

      - Long
      - Short
      - Gear hanger
      - Big rainfly
      - Small rainfly
      - Offset wind break
      - Cooking fly
      - Skeeter net

      Surely Dave or Ed or Rick or some of the other hammock theorist could come
      up with more combinations. :]

      Mule tape would be my strapping of choice.


      On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 9:28 AM, Chris <luckyhat12@...> wrote:

      > When you are tying a structural ridgeline, do you use a single piece of 40'
      > rope and tie loops in it or do you create a ridgeline that goes to the
      > carabiners where the hammock hangs and then use separate straps to tie off
      > to the trees or other tie points? I know that the length of the ridgeline is
      > subjective, I am trying to determine the best method for putting one in
      > place.
      > I have been looking at rope that will work for it and I think I will either
      > get some amsteel blue or the mule tape that was discussed earlier. I am
      > working on a solution to tie from my truck bed to some other fixed position
      > and the tie has to be extra tight almost flat to keep from sagging onto the
      > ground. When I tied it that tight before without a ridgeline I got the
      > cocoon effect.
      > I hang with a byer traveler hammock right now and I have been looking at
      > the ENO and Hennessy for a while now. ENO is winning that race this week,
      > Hennessy may pull back out in the lead next week. Whatever solution I end up
      > with will probably carry over to the ENO because it has the same kinda setup
      > as my Byer does currently.
      > Thanks for the help,
      > Chris
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