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20040Re: Monkey bread, was dressing was Re: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

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  • ratsmouth@aol.com
    May 27, 2009
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      Yuh. Easy to make, very yummy pull-apart bread. I have an 8" Dutch
      oven that goes most places with me (kayak and car camping), and Monkey
      Bread has gotten to be sort of popular with my camping buddies, so I
      make it almost every time we go anywhere.

      Make a foil liner for Dutch oven (molded to fit the inside so the lid
      will fit tight), remove liner to use while doing the prep work, preheat
      Dutch oven.
      Cut refrigerated biscuit dough (Pillsbury Grands or whatever) into
      quarters, roll into balls and dip each in melted butter, roll in brown
      sugar/cinnamon mixture. Pour a little extra melted butter into the
      foil liner and sprinkle some of the cinnamon/brown sugar in the bottom,
      then add the dough balls in layers.
      Put the liner and prepped Monkey Bread dough into the heated Dutch
      oven, set over coals, cover, and add coals to lid.

      Check in a few minutes (maybe 15-20). When browned, pull liner and all
      out of the Dutch oven, break out the butter, alert the hungry natives,
      and pig out.

      Can I hijack a thread, or what?


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      Sent: Wed, 27 May 2009 6:30 pm
      Subject: Re: dressing was Re: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

      Monkey Bread?


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      Subject: Re: dressing was Re: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

      Yeah, that's pretty much what I was doing, except that I figured out

      that if I pull my pants most of the way up and then just give them one

      more tug when I stand up, I'm pretty well screened by the opening of

      the Hennessy Hammock. I can also change my shirt while standing "in

      the hole" without attracting a lot of attention. Love this hammock! I

      didn't want to get out of bed Monday morning when it was time to pack

      up. Good thing I had made Monkey Bread for breakfast the night before,

      so all I had to do was boil some water and toss the aluminum foil

      package of Monkey Bread in the ashes of last night's fire to warm it

      up. I'm pretty much sold on my hammock.


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      From: Elizabeth Young <lizyoung@fenris. net>

      To: hammockcamping@ yahoogroups. com

      Sent: Wed, 27 May 2009 1:19 pm

      Subject: dressing was Re: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

      ratsmouth@aol. com wrote:

      > Anybody have any tips for getting dressed in a hammock? LOL! I


      > out a system of my own, but somebody else might have a better


      I lie on my back and wiggle out of one set of clothes and then wiggle

      into another. If there's other folks around, I make sure my tarp sides

      are low. If I'm feeling particularly shy, I drape my sleeping bag


      me over the sides of the hammock.

      Kind of like yoga in a sling.=0


      liz young in rescue ca

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