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20033Re: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

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  • ratsmouth@aol.com
    May 27 4:29 AM
      Betcha it would be tons of fun in a high wind, huh? So, aside from the
      artsy design elegance factor, what's it good for? It's bolted to the
      ground for obvious reasons, so the canopy is pretty much for show. You
      can't move it around to minimize/maximize sun or breeze exposure.
      Otherwise, it looks like a plain ol' hammock ready for wind surfing.

      Maybe it's bolted to the ground so it won't get stolen by people who
      think it spoils the view. I dunno.

      As an aside, I used my Hennessy hammock over Memorial Day weekend (for
      the first time ever). First night was interesting, as I experimented
      with sleeping positions and waited for the lines to stretch out a bit.
      Second night was great.

      Anybody have any tips for getting dressed in a hammock? LOL! I worked
      out a system of my own, but somebody else might have a better idea.


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      From: Tom Frazier <wildewudu@...>
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      Looks like a fancy cot! ;o)


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      From: Ralph Oborn

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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Hey folks

      I think we've been hanging our hammocks wrong all these years.


      I've been usng trees....


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