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20011Re: [Hammock Camping] Quality of tarps

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  • Tom Frazier
    May 8, 2009
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      It needs to be waterproofed, is my only complaint. There is no seam on the ridgeline, which is a nice thing; No worries about a seam leaking on your head!Instead, there are two seams on either side near the ground where two smaller triangles of cloth are sewn to the main body of the tarp.

      It is made of nylon taffetta and is a little on the heavy side for a tarp, but it's not really that bad. Nearly everything is triple stitched on it and the quality is good. The pullouts are also a little on the heavy side, but that just means they'll last longer! Tom Claytor has pretty good customer service--his products are made in Thailand, which is why they're so affordable (I couldn't make the same things he does and sell it at such a low price---the materials alone would cost nearly, if not more, what he sells as his retail price!!), and he'll answer anything you need to know.


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      From: John Coy
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      Does anyone have any unfiltered reviews regarding the mosquitohammock brand camo diamond tarp, esp. its durability, quality of manufacture, seams, grommets, tabs, etc .? How about customer service? Let me know, I'm thinking of buying the 3 meter by 4 meter camo diamond tarp. THANKS

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