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2001Hammock Camping Re: Summer and the hammock

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    Jul 2, 2003
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      Hi Tony,

      Let me try to remember some of the details. It's 90 degrees outside
      and its hard to think about the cold.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Tony Burnett
      <tburnettcis@y...> wrote:
      > Define "micro fleece". Can you give me a brand example?

      The stuff I am talking about is about 1 to 1.5 mm thick. I think it
      is known in as Malden Mills 100 weight. It can be purchased at
      Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics and other sources.
      > I noticed that your gear lists shows a fleece at 19oz and a LJ pants
      > at 5.3oz. I assume the later is NOT fleece.

      Except in the dead of winter, my insulating layer for my legs is a
      polypro pair of pants. On that list, the fleece top is made from 200
      weight material.
      > Do you wear "micro fleece" tops AND bottoms? If so, at what temps?

      Nah, I almost never wear the fleece when actually hiking. Mainly
      because I don't do a great deal of winter camping yet. When the
      temps rise above freezing, I no longer need the fleece bottoms and
      can just use polypro long underwear.
      > At 30F are you wearing anything?

      Yes, First layer is almost always a pair of nylon shorts and a
      coolmax tee. At thirty, I would be wearing the long pants and the
      fleece top. Long pants may either be the polypro, a pair of frogg
      togg pants or a nylon breathable pair of pants. It has varied on
      different hikes. By 45 degrees at the middle of the night, the long
      johns are usually buried in the pack for emergency warmth.
      I hope that helps.

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