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19997Re: Hammock for Brazil and South America

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  • proteorio
    May 6, 2009
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "C C Wayah" <ccwayah@...> wrote:
      > Hi Otto,
      > A friend of mine went to Africa to be a missionary bush pilot.
      > His dad gave him a Hennesy and we spent time showing him how to hang it and
      > how to ties knots. It is possible to hang a Hennesy hammock form the wings
      > of a small plane.
      > Ed Spears who is owner of this list and also has been around the world as a
      > geologist. Just email him if you have any questions.
      > His hammock sight is at (www.speerhammocks.com)
      > Rogene
      > Hi Rogene,
      Nice to meet you and thanks for the answer.
      I visited the interesting Ed Speer's site on Internet and, as you suggested, I sent him a message.
      Many people seem very happy with Hennessy others with Clark. It's difficult to judge. I hope Mr. Speer will give me some more advices to choose the right hammock.

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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: Hammock for Brazil and South America
      > > Hi Otto,
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      > > I'm new to hammock camping (and the forum)too. I bought a Hennesy for the
      > > reasons you give: I also sleep on my side, and the asymetrical design
      > > allows me to sleep flat enough to be very comfortable on my side. Although
      > > I bought the SuperShelter system, I guess that a cheaper way of staying
      > > warm would be to just buy the undercover, then use a camping mat and a
      > > space blanket between the undercover and the hammock. Although I've only
      > > spent a few hours in my hammock so far, I find it sooo comfortable. I wish
      > > you luck in your work and travels!
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