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19994Re: Hammock for Brazil and South America

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  • proteorio
    May 6 12:54 PM
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "kerrilarkin" <kerrilarkin@...> wrote:
      > Hi Otto,
      > I'm new to hammock camping (and the forum)too. I bought a Hennesy for the reasons you give: I also sleep on my side, and the asymetrical design allows me to sleep flat enough to be very comfortable on my side. Although I bought the SuperShelter system, I guess that a cheaper way of staying warm would be to just buy the undercover, then use a camping mat and a space blanket between the undercover and the hammock. Although I've only spent a few hours in my hammock so far, I find it sooo comfortable. I wish you luck in your work and travels!
      Hi ,
      Nice to meet you and thanks for the answer.
      Seems that the world of hammocking is divided between Hennessy and Clark lovers with both parties with strong arguments. It is very difficult to try to understand and judge something that you cant hold in your hands, but looking at pictures, it's very far away and very complicated to get.
      For the moment what I deduced is:
      Hannessy cheaper but not very comfortable because bottom entry
      Clark more expensive but seems more comfortable also for the bottom pockets that can act as insulations if filled with cloths
      Others brands I still try to figure out models and prices
      Thanks for the wishes I hope to find the right one very soon.
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