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19985Hammock for Brazil and South America

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  • Otto Mateus
    May 4, 2009
      Hi to everybody and thanks to be admitted  to this very interesting group
      I’m an italian man living and working in Brazil. I'm m. 1,90 (about 6’ 4”) tall and my weight is about kg. 85 (165 lbs.).
      I'm planning to do lot's of backcountry traveling by mule as part of my job who is geographical prospector/researcher. Sometimes I will have one mule and i will carry my stuff in the saddle bags, other times with the help of a pack mule. And also I have to navigate rivers on a homemade petrol drums raft with the support of a kayak and/or a small aluminum or rubber boat. Other times I have to carry around my gear in the rucksack.
      Brazil have a wide climate variety from hot and very humid to freezing cold (not like North America but few degrees below zero) and, in South America the nearby Andean mountains have crossings well over 3000 meters.
      During the years I appreciate the versatility of hammocks versus tents. Very easy to hang, free from humidity, stones, slopping ground, very good for stealth camping and have a two levels shelter. On the ground, the kitchen and a dry place to store my stuff and on the 1st floor” (the hammock) the bed room.
      I tried to sleep in few homemade models of hammocks but I had two main complain:
      A – cold during the night (even in Italy in fall)
      B – the “banana” position who doesn’t allow to sleep on the side which is my favorite sleeping position
      It would be very nice for me to have to carry only one shelter to cope the different climates and situations. Now I would like to buy a good model to suit my needs but I’m confused which brand to choose because “least but not last” working in the environment research field, unfortunately budgets are very tight and money never enough.
      The models I came across are:
      1 – Clark Jungle Hammock North American (kg.1,330 max kg. 137 $ 299) with Xl fly ($ 20)
      2 - Hennessy Hammocks Explorer Ultra light with substitute hex fly60 ($219.95 )
      I know that there are many others good brands but I don’t know
      If somebody has the kindness  to give me some advice to make me able to buy one model I will greatly appreciated.
      Thanking everybody in anticipation I beg to forgot my basic English and I beg also not to use abbreviations because I will get confused

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