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19980Re: [Hammock Camping] hello group!

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  • Elizabeth Young
    Apr 26, 2009
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      vballvoodoo wrote:
      > So my questions are, what would be a good place to start?
      The best place to start is find a couple of trees you can get to easily
      (that's a neighborhood park for me) and try a bunch of different things
      with your hammock - change the sag, raise and lower the foot, change the
      distance from the ground, and so on. Try camping out in a place where
      you can bail out easily if things just don't work out that night. I've
      spent a couple of nights in a local state park, just to play with
      hammock stuff.

      Tom, Mark and Santiago have already sent you to
      hammockforums.net, tothewoods.net, and hammockcamping.com
      All great sites with a lot of info (grab some coffee and expect to stay
      up way too late reading stuff)

      > An easy/dependable way to rig a tarp and
      Both tarps I have used have a seam running down the middle of the tarp.
      I pitch the tarp in a A frame configuration with the seam running
      between the trees and then just tie the four corners out at an angle. I
      have tried a smaller tarp that I had to pitch so that two opposite
      corners were at the trees but I did not like it.

      > a method/equipment to hang the hammock?
      I use 1" nylon straps around the trees. Means the bark is generally not
      I have two rings made into buckles on each end of the hammock (cinch or
      ring buckle) and I feed the ends of the straps through these. That lets
      me adjust the hammock quickly.
      I also have added a structural ridgeline to my hammock (like yours, a
      double) and like it very much because it means the sag is exactly the
      same each time I hang.
      I use a rope called Amsteel for my hammock suspension - it is used for
      rigging for bluewater sailing. It is very strong and light. It is also a
      little pricey.

      There are lots of photos in the group file. You can see both hammocks
      and tarps that I use in the folder Liz's stuff.

      liz young (eay on hammockforums.net)
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