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  • vballvoodoo
    Apr 25, 2009
      I've been around for a few weeks and been reading and searching and want to thank everyone for all the great info on here. There's ALOT of info on here. Admittedly, too much for me to make sense of all at once.

      I stumbled onto hammock camping last summer. Havent been backpacking for several years and went out and found that I can no longer sleep on the ground and had to give up backpacking for good. That is, until I went into a little shop in St Augustine that sold hammocks. Bought one for about $35 and started thinking about using it for camping. It is an eagle's nest double, and i used it a few times with some poorly rigged bug netting and tarp hanging. This spring and summer, I plan on going out alot. I found an eagle's nest bug net, but didnt see a tarp.

      What would be really great is maybe if someone could condense all this info for me into a couple reccommendations for someone in their first season of using a hammock. I have a set of nylon straps (tree huggers I think) but I found last year that it was hard to get the right amount of sag and was too dependent on finding jsut the right distance between trees. I found an adjustable knot to use here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InwfA4_O12w but I dont know what kind of rope to use that would support my weight (210lbs). What I did find was too thick. I liked the option of using rope as it cuts down on the weight in my pack, if i can find the right rope that is.

      So my questions are, what would be a good place to start? An easy/dependable way to rig a tarp and a method/equipment to hang the hammock? I did read lots of posts, but like I said, being new and not experienced, it is hard to find a starting point!
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