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  • Kerri Larkin
    Apr 18, 2009
      Hey thanks for the pic MWB. Yes, the good 'ol rectangular tarp can be very versatile. Um, your hammock appears to be hanging very low - is that a trick of the lens or are you really that low?

      My next big challenge is finding a light, protable way of hanging in Central Australia where there are no trees. I've seen a few ideas on hammock forums, but a lot of them are quite bulky and the ski poles don't seem to get the hammock high enough for the underneath entry of the Hennessey. Has anyone here comoe up with some fantastic method?



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      I posted one picture in the photos folder, titled "Quetico June 2007". Shows my 8X10 fly staked out with shock cords. The left end is pulled together, with the right side still open. Taken between intense bouts of gusty rain. You can see the bug net hanging down. I was the only hanger on the trip; all the others, in tents, got wet. As I said before, what I like about shock cords is their versatility, and how fast it all goes up, or comes down. I later moved to a more wind-sheltered site, and it only took minutes. Good luck in the rain. MWB

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      > Thanks Lori and MWB - some good advice there!. I'm still waiting to find a place I can try hanging my hammock to test it out. Nowhere I've been recently has trees! I'm visiting friends on the North Coast of New South Wales (Australia), where it's been raining most days since Christmas - definately a good placde to have a well thought out rain fly at present, and even better for hanging - the ground is a bog!.
      > Kerri

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