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19933Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Hanging technique

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  • Kenneth Crump
    Mar 30, 2009
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      Here is one single line suspension technique and discussion of it:



      On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Elizabeth Young <lizyoung@...>wrote:

      > Someone else has already referred you to hammockforums.net (a fab
      > resource) and I know that sometime on those fora there was a discussion
      > of a continuous ridgeline or something like that. I can't find the
      > discussion now so how much help is that? I'll keep looking.
      > Anyway, I have a structural ridgeline on my hammock - which serves to
      > produce the same sag in the hammock no matter the tree spacing.
      > I've chosen to make my tree-straps separate from my hammock since it is
      > easier for me to put my hammock up that way.
      > If you decide to use a two-loops-on-a-rope as you've described below,
      > you will want to make very sure that your rope is strong enough to
      > support you in the hammock and that it is also strong enough to make up
      > for the weakening that knots always create in a rope.
      > I use amsteel sailing line for my structural ridgeline. It is quite
      > slippery but also strong and seems to have minimal stretch.
      > I've finally put an album up under Liz's stuff.
      > liz young
      > Brett wrote:
      > > My question is if anyone has hung their hammock from a single rope
      > > tied between two trees with two pre-measured loops tied in the rope.
      > > I have thought of this idea but have not tried it out. My thought is
      > > that you could determine how far apart you preferred your hammock
      > > ends to be for the slope or curve of your liking and then you could
      > > tie your loops at that distance and just tie the rope to the tree
      > > with your hammock below this rope hanging from those two loops. this
      > > would keep your hammock hanging pretty much the same way despite the
      > > distance between the trees you find.
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