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19919Re: Stealth Hammock Camping

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  • LoveRise@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2009
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      Congratulations Sandy on the Classic, I have a 17ft Burro travel trailer
      that I love to use as well when traveling. I love boondocking when the
      opportunity arises. Yet more and more traveling light is what fascinates me even
      though by nature I also enjoy the comforts of home. I think ultimately if
      everything goes to 'pot' here in america, I would be happy living in my little burro.
      Hopefully, things won't come to that but after yesterday in the stock market
      it has me wondering.

      I do plan to do some kind of video blogging series on my travels since I'm
      also an avid photographer.

      Until then...celebrate life!



      Hey, Laurie...way to go. Yes it IS a bit spendy, but from someone
      who just (on Friday) bought a $13K ($14,300 w/taxes, tags) popup
      camping trailer (2009 Aliner Classic), who am I to judge !;)

      Do post some photos about your travels. What plans do you have?

      sandy in miami

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