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19911Re: [Hammock Camping] Stealth Hammock Camping

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  • Rodney Diseker
    Feb 28, 2009
      I am not over 50, but I agree with you. I prefer to be in the middle of nowhere.
      I get more people than I want at work.

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      On Feb 28, 2009, at 8:38 AM, "ginohav" <ginohav@...> wrote:

      I remember when riding in the back of a pickup truck and going to
      outside movies was FUN!(yes I'm over 50) If your from the crowd that
      has to have the lastest fashion to get on a bike or pay resort prices
      for a campground you will not get this post. I don't know about you
      but I hate camping in a campground in a tent/hammock as I find it
      noisy. When I camp at a campground I bring my camper. I purchased my
      hammock for stealth camping. If your from the ought to be a LAW!
      crowd this post is not for you. The beauty of a hammock is that you
      can camp anywhere there are trees. Nothing beats getting back to the
      roots of camping by going into a state forest in the winter where
      there are no people (there ought to be a law crowd) around for miles
      and setting up a hammock camp. Please! do not post why it's dangerous
      to ride in the back of a pickup or why you should camp only when
      smokey is there to protect you (you don't get it). I'm looking to
      hear your adventures of roaming around the country for free and how
      you set up your hammock camp. What make hammock did you use, gear
      selection ect. My gear, snowshoes, hammock are packed and ready to
      go. State forest here I come! Nothing beats hammock camping in the
      winter with just you and mother nature. Lets hear your stealth
      adventures. PS-here's a website www.halfassexpeditions.com you got to
      read their survival skills blogs. Some of it is very funny.

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