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19900Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: alcohol stove for hammock backpacker?

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  • Blake Robert
    Feb 19, 2009
      Thank you PT.
      I ended up going with a homemade Starlyte stove as per the instructions you get if you google Starlyte Knockoff. There is a set of three videos about this.
      You take a 2" diameter wedding favor tin-remove the transparent plastic window and put a stainless steel screen disk in the lid-they come in a perfect size to dome up. Then, you cut a larger than 2" diamter of fiberglass cloth-place this on top of-and, partially around a wad of pink fiberglass insulation and place that in the wedding tin bottom smoothing the cloth so it is an even layer under the screen when you place the lid back on.
      This makes a great stove and I found it works great with a canteen cup stand/stove. This is a lightweight "ring" that fits under a military canteen cup-with the same shape-in fact, the cup fits around the base of a military canteen and the reversed cup stand fits around the cup-so the whole assembly takes up only about 2-3% more volume than the canteen alone.

      When used as a stove/stand-you place the Starlyte on the ground-get it going-attach the stove/stand under the cup and place the assembly over the flame. The stand/stove has holes for ventilation.
      My main complaint about this design is you have to buy many times as much material as you need. The smallest fiberglass cloth I found was 8 sq. feet at Walmart---admitedly only about $4.50. I found the wedding tins at Michaels (arts & crafts) and had to buy 30!!!! The stainless steel disks I got via ebay and had to buy 25!!!! You are supposed to use pink insulation (no webstite says why yellow won't do) and my insulation is yellow so I had to buy some.
      So, I ended up with enough materials to build 25 of these stoves with excess wedding tins left after I run out of stainless steel disks-not to mention fiberglass cloth and insulation.
      But, I like the design and I am glad I made it!!!!!
      For those interested in this-google the web with search terms: Starlyte Knockoff and also try: Starlyte alcohol stove.

      The finnished stove weighs about 1/3rd of an ounce and the insulation holds the alcohol in if the stove is tipped.

      I recommend these even if you are stuck with too many. I may give mine extras out at Flagstaff Hiking Club potlucks as door prizes.

      --- On Wed, 2/18/09, no_p55 <6thomsons@...> wrote:

      Robert in reply to your question I found an alternative to the soda
      can stove that will last longer, be more robust and just as easy to
      make. Check out this YouTube link
      (http://www.youtube com/watch? v=AcrW27Leo4w) and it will show you how.
      I haven't made one yet, but I will as soon as I find the bottles.
      Happy camping

      P Thomson
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