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1990RE: Hammock Camping Fuggoagy

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  • J Cornelius
    Jul 2, 2003

      Sweetness!!!  That’s cool!


      Thanks Rick -  It’s a great way to start my day!



      Abnormality is THE normality at this locality


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      Edit to the lines...  to make the third and 4th lines like yours:

      Now together they are:

      Jodi is a backpacker who swings
      Between trees, hammocked, and sings
      Her voice is ok
      It won't drive you away
      As she gently rocks swinging in the breeze

      The breeze and the night fold together
      Her eyes blink and close
      Dreamin' her voice is ok
      She takes the bar's stage on payday
      And sings of swinging in the breeze

      Hope you like it,


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