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19894Re: [Hammock Camping] hammock camping with kids

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  • pure mahem
    Feb 19, 2009
      set one up at home really low for nap time they will play and fall asleep and get use to it really quick. Supervised of course.

      From: Tom Frazier <wildewudu@...>
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      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] hammock camping with kids

      One's 1.5 years old (he's sleeping under his mother on insulation and ground tarp) while the other is 4 years old. Both have been mountain camping since they were born so they're used to being outdoors in a tent but have never been in anything that even remotely resembles a hammock. I did plan on keeping the hammock low for my 4 year old to get him used to the idea of floating over the ground on a piece of cloth tied between two trees.

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      From: Ralph Oborn
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      On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 9:04 PM, Tom Frazier <wildewudu@charter. net> wrote:

      > Question for everyone on the group,
      > How many of us here have experience hammock camping with kids? I've got two
      > that I plan on taking hammock camping this summer, along with my wife, but
      > this will be their first time in a hammock. I do plan on taking a slow and
      > measured approach and introduce them to the concept of sleeping in a hammock
      > to give them time to adjust.
      > However, I'm curious what the approach of others has been to get children
      > comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a hammock. Was the experience very
      > difficult? Any tips or suggestions?
      > T3

      What ages?

      I regularly take my 11 year old scouts out.

      - as with all comping, practice in the back yard (or a local park)
      - Hang low so the kid can get in and out by themselves
      - Hang yourself on a shared tree so you are nearby
      - Teach them that it is NOT a swing (although they can swing gently, but
      NO pushing)
      - Hang a bag on a ridgeline or in the hammock end for books, flashlights,
      water and maybe snacks
      - Have fun!!

      Ralph Oborn

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