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1988to Jodi.....HEAVY USE question..........

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  • Christina Moon
    Jul 2, 2003
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      Jodi wrote:
      Ok y’all ­ I am totally happy sleeping in a hammock. Beats a bed by a
      mile!! I now have my Byer Traveller hammock hanging in my room ­ but ­
      after only a couple of weeks in it, the strands are starting to break
      (had one break last night ­ hard time going back to sleep after that
      wondering if the blooming thing was gonna crash on me in the middle of
      the night!!). I will be sleeping in this thing every night. BUT ­ here
      is the problem ­ I have to be able to hang it within a 9 ½ foot area.
      Any suggestions? Remember, this thing will be used EVERY night.
      T’anks y’all!

      Hi Jodi,

      Christina Moon here with my 2 cents worth. I sleep in my hammock every
      night, too. I've actually got two different ones that I choose
      between. Neither are lightweight, thus not suitable for backpacking, so if
      that is an issue for you, then what I've got to say won't help. One of my
      sleeping hammocks is the Byer Santiago XXL. It's the largest one they
      make, very heavy and very sturdy, with ropes thru the fabric end
      loops. The other one that I use more often now that the weather is warmer
      is one that I bought on eBay from Hammockjungle. It's a woven cotton
      Brazilian hammock with nylon end strings, but still feels sturdy. The
      Brazilian hammocks are like Mayan hammocks, only solid cloth. I LOVE THIS
      HAMMOCK!!! With Brazilian and Mayan hammocks, you sleep on the diagonal,
      rather than lengthwise, as in some of the camping hammocks discussed on
      this list. Thus, I think they would work being hung in a shorter space,
      such as you describe.

      Okay, for the hanging part. I have eye hooks screwed into ceiling joists
      catty corner from each other in my bedroom. Per suggestions from this
      list, I had planned on mounting 2 x 4 boards, but that didn't work. From
      the eye hooks I have chains hanging. This gives me some flexibility as to
      how high I hang the hammock. I still have my double bed in my bedroom and
      sometimes wind up against the bed as I hang in the hammock. I have a rope
      knot/tie/hanger loop at each end of the hammock. I got it from this site
      sent by Hammockjungle <http://hammockjungle.com/care>. This loop can be
      adjusted (I did it last night) to the comfort of the sleeper. I don't
      actually know the distance between the eye hooks, probably longer than your
      9.5 feet, but maybe if you start sleeping in another hammock, you can work
      that out.

      Here is a url for one of the Brazilian hammock auctions on eBay. Actually,
      I'm just going to email the auction to you. I can highly recommend both
      this hammock AND Hammockjungle. BTW, the description of this hammock says
      that it can be hung in as little as 10 feet.

      Hope this helps.


      Blessed Be the Peacemakers!

      May Blesswings of Peace n Love surround you!

      May your Mind be filled with Wisdom.
      May your Eyes be filled with Beauty.
      May your Soul be filled with Peace.
      May your Heart be filled with Love.
      May we ALL live in a State of Grace.
      Peace Be With You Always.
      ~~Christina Moon
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