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19862[Hammock Camping] Re:Keeping feet out of bottom-entry slit/wasRe: Tall guy looking to get

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  • shokulan
    Feb 3, 2009
      Hi Rogene,

      I don't think I've got restless legs, but I move around a lot in my
      hammock and don't always sleep with both legs off to the right. So,
      I, too, have a tendency to stick my foot through the velcro. One
      thing I do is make sure the velcro is really sealed shut. This helps
      prevent accidental openings. For me, though, an occasional heel
      through the opening isn't really a problem. I've yet to wake up with
      one leg hanging out to feed mosquitoes!

      Apparently the early Hennessey Hammocks had zippers instead of velcro.
      They were removed as unnecessarily heavy. Supposedly, your weight is
      enough to keep the slit closed and, apparently, the hyperlite hammocks
      do not even have the velcro.

      The stated reason for velcro is to keep critters out when you're out.
      This really worked three summers ago when camping in central Alabama
      during its drought. Ants were climbing up trees in columns 0.5-1 inch
      wide--and using my hammock ridgeline as a shortcut between trees.

      I've found that my weight, considerable as it is, does not necessarily
      keep the slit closed. One night I hadn't closed it properly and got
      bounced in on by a huge cricket. Believe me. There is nowhere near
      enough room in one of those hammocks for me AND a cricket!

      I would think that replacing that velcro with a zipper is easier than
      putting a zipper into the net (but I do like the idea of being able to
      reach out and may ask 2Questions
      <http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=3600> to do one
      of their modifications (probably 3 or 2 if they're willing to reverse
      zipper direction) this coming summer. As for zipping the bottom
      entry, for emergency release purposes, it might be best to have the
      zipper pull down to open. This also keeps you from sleeping on zipper
      tabs. You might even work out a part zipper part velcro solution, as
      your feet are probably only poking through the bottom third, right?

      who really likes the JRB nest but wishes she'd blown the extra US$20
      or so to get two no-snivelers instead of the standard 3-season set.
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