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19849Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Tall guy looking to get into a hammock

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  • ratsmouth@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2009
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      Okay, now I am really looking forward to using my HH for the first time
      this spring. When I had orbital decompression surgery, followed by
      gallbladder surgery, in the fall, I had to use my recliner to sleep in
      for a few weeks and found it really comfortable. So if sleeping in my
      hammock is anything like that, I am going to sleep like a baby!

      I'm 5'8", 240 lb., and have a Safari Deluxe, which may be "too much
      hammock" for my size, but when I unpacked it to add snake skins, it
      seemed pretty workable. My 60+ year old camping buddies are excited
      about the hammock, so maybe I'll be able to charge admission to try it
      out! :::grin:::

      One of the best things about turning 60 last year was seeing the looks
      on people's faces when I mention that I camp and kayak with a bunch of
      other 60+ year old ladies. My philosophy is that I'm not 60, I'm
      5x12, five times over, and still playing in the woods. With this
      hammock, I may have extended the number of years I can continue to
      enjoy exploring the outdoors.


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      i think your description of sleeping in a lazy-boy is very
      accurate.  i was talking to someone at work and he liked the idea
      camping/hiking, but said he didn't think he could figure out a way 
      haul around his cpap machine that he has to use at night.  i aske him
      if he  ever falls asleep and has problems in a recliner.  he said no. 
      i suggested a hammock might be the solution.  he looked at me with
      glazed eyes and you could see he didn't understand that a hammock is
      something other than the banana position.

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