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19845Tall guy looking to get into a hammock

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Feb 1, 2009
      Hi, Brian-

      You have several great answers already. Hung and used correctly, yes, you will get pretty flat but not totally flat in a hammock. And, yes, the way the fabric fans out around and under you, you will be supported so well that being "flat" is not actually desirable.

      I've been using Hennessy Hammocks for about 10 years. I was leery of the hammock concept due to a couple of blown out discs, arthritis, etc. I like that the bottom-entry closes behind me, sealing off the hammock from bugs, etc. A little practice takes care of working around getting into the hammock with sleeping bag, etc.

      If you are near Boston, I can lend you a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe, which might fit you. Also, Hennessy has a return policy. Check it out at hennessyhammock.com. Other vendors may also have a trial policy.



      Tall guy looking to get into a hammock
      Posted by: "carrbear123" carrbear01@...<mailto:carrbear01@...> carrbear123
      Date: Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:11 pm ((PST))

      Hi folks,

      I've been checking out the forum to find previous posts on these
      questions, but haven't had luck. If it's been discussed before,
      please feel free to send me to the right place! Otherwise, I guess
      I'll just ask 'em all! :)

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