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19840Re: [Hammock Camping] Tall guy looking to get into a hammock

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  • David Ball, RiverJourneys, Inc.
    Jan 31, 2009
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      I am 6'2" and 250 and have slept in a Claytor more often than not since last March. I have been very comfortable. My back has improved dramatically and the whole flat thing for me was overplayed. Part of what I have enjoyed is having my feet, after a tough day on the water or at work, above my head. Instant relief! There are a zillion options out there. It might pay to try to find someone close by that has a couple of hammocks you could try.

      There are folks here with a lot more knowledge than me, however; I can tell you that even with just my beginning set up, I am comfortable, sleep better than ever, and I will never go back to the ground. I even pass on my waterbed when it isn't -23 outside as I so enjoy my hammock. If it is above single digits, most nights I am hanging outside. Explore, read, search, read, talk to folks, read. I guess you get the reading thing huh!

      Here is a link to Claytor: http://www.mosquitohammock.com/

      There are lots of options, also check out: http://hammockforums.net

      I have gotten lots of good information there.

      That's about all I know. ;)


      David and Cara Lawson-Ball
      RiverJourneys Inc.

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